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Children & Youth

Our charity wouldn't exist without our wonderful, loving, unique children and young people. Each team member brings their experiences and insights from their own lives. Although individual, our journeys are similar - we've fought for diagnoses, services, inclusion, and understanding. These experiences have brought us together to help make life better for children like our own.


Children - Nursery to Primary

We aim to support play, social skills, nurturing friendships, and confidence building. We collaborate with local organisations and businesses to provide opportunities to participate in activities typically inaccessible to many of our families. From Rugbytots to Boogie Beat Music & Movement (Sensory Sessions) to Wilder Outdoor Education, Picnics with Alpacas, and Creative Music Sessions - we have lots on offer and hope to add to this list, ensuring all abilities and interests are catered for.


Dunbar Teens (& Tweens!)

We're super excited about this new service because we feel there is a considerable gap in activities and provision for this age group.

Our service aims to offer fortnightly meet-ups for young people with additional and complex needs and their families who are struggling to access popular activities to come along, to create, build, explore together, and support social interaction and wellbeing of young people. We also aim to offer volunteer opportunities for school leavers and those transitioning between child and adult services.


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