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Parent Carer Support & Wellbeing

We believe in taking a holistic approach to our services, so a key priority is supporting our parents & carers. Many of us must give up jobs and careers to care for our children and swap our roles to become our children's nurse, teacher, therapist, and advocate, leaving little time or money for anything else. Additionally, we face high risks of mental illness, exhaustion, PTSD and stress. Addressing parent carers' unmet mental health needs improves the quality of life for all of the family.


Evidence also shows that peer support and space to connect non-judgmentally with others can help reduce feelings of social isolation. We find a sense of belonging and understanding through social opportunities and empowerment through learning.


At the moment, we offer - 


Parent Carer Support Sessions

Meetings are held in Dunbar Library and provide an opportunity to come together over a brew and some snacks. We share experiences and knowledge and will have guest speakers for workshops or information sessions. Children are also welcome, as we understand that childcare can be challenging to find.


Community Complementary Health Clinic

Starting in October, we're offering a complementary therapy clinic at Core, Dunbar, for parents and carers in the local community. The service forms part of our new Parent Carer Support & Wellbeing Project and will operate on a "give what you can" system, with proceeds going back into the charity. If you cannot pay anything at all, please don't worry. We aim to reduce financial barriers to our services, and you can reach out confidentially via email or phone. 



Sometimes, all we need is moral support at a meeting, impartial advice or someone to fight our corner. We know from experience that carrying everything alone is overwhelming, and we hope to make life a little less daunting by offering a listening ear, a supportive message or coming to a meeting with you.


We continually seek ways to help and support our parents & carers and welcome new ideas and opportunities.

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